Moving forward apace

There have been exciting developments for both the Greek and Italian teams over recent weeks. The Greek team, led by Katerina Laskaridou, has been in talks with the new director of Special Educational Needs (SEN) at the Ministry of Education in Greece, with a view to potentially rolling out the autism staff training programme across the whole of the country. This is very early days, of course, but extremely encouraging for the Piraeus-based team as well as the broader TAE project members.


Dr Paola Molteni (Italian team), Dr Lila Kossyvaki (UK team) & Katerina Laskaridou (Greek team Lead) in Birmingham in 2015.

The Italian team, meanwhile, are moving on swiftly with the piloting of Level 2 of the training materials with teachers from a number of local primary schools. They are also finalising plans for the next transnational meeting in Italy which is only a few weeks away. As well as discussions, presentations and the all-important ‘multiplier’ event (which involves many international participants), plans include visits to local schools and meetings with the whole team and sub-teams. We are all looking forward to it!



New Year, New Plans

As we get into our stride with the new year, plans are continuing for the next stages of the project. Both the Greek and the Italian teams are busy piloting their training materials and the initial feedback from practitioners has been very encouraging. Meanwhile, arrangements are being finalised for the next transnational meeting in Italy in February 2016, an important event which enables team members from the UK, Italy and Greece to get together, to share and disseminate ideas and lay the foundations for the next steps of the scheme.


Professor Luigi d’Alonzo, Italian team lead, and Dr Karen Guldberg, Principal Investigator, at the transnational meeting in the UK in February, 2015.

Our focus is also on preparing proposals for two key conferences in the academic calendar: the European Conference on Educational Research in Dublin in August and the Autism Europe International Congress in Edinburgh in September. These will provide essential opportunities for the initial findings of the project to be both tested and shared, as well as to engage with other educational researchers and the broader autism community. Not only this, but worthwhile reasons to visit two wonderful cities!


The ‘multiplier’ event in Greece in June 2015, part of the transnational meeting.